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Gold Trade Offer

Invest & Trade in Precious Metals

Business Investor Ltd. facilitates trade in non-criminal origin gold doré bars (23 karats) and gold bullion bars (24 karats) from African countries.


Trade details:


  • Commodity: Gold (Au) ​​

  • Fineness: from 958.3 (23 karat) to 999 (24 karat)

  • Price base: LBMA (24 karat) 2nd fixing

  • Discount: -12% (23 karat), -8% (24 karat) based on volume & payment guarantees 

  • Trial Quantity: maximum 2 kg (No payment guarantee needed)

  • Regular Quantity: up to 1,000 kg per month

  • Parity: FOB or CIF

  • Origin: Africa (EAC / SADC)

  • Payment: MT103 after assay at Buyer's refinery

  • Payment Guarantee: MT110 / MT700 DLC / MT760 SBLC / MT760 BG / ESCROW

  • Conditions: No advanced payment of any kind. No table-top meeting (TTM) in Africa.


Business Investor Ltd. CIF procedure:


1. Buyer issues LOI & Seller issues FCO, parties exchange full company documents for due diligence

2. Buyer & Seller agree on draft SPA, sign final SPA


3. Seller delivers a trial quantity of maximum 2 kg without any financial instrument in place.

4. Buyer issues MT110 / MT700 / MT760 or deposits next shipment’s total value with the Escrow service provider

5. Seller ships supply to Buyer’s designated airport, all risks and costs (including export taxes, insurance, and security shipping) to be borne by the Seller.

6. Seller and Buyer meet at the Buyer’s designated airport. From this point on, all risks and costs
(including import taxes, VAT, security shipping, refining and assay costs) to be borne by the Buyer.

7. Seller and Buyer deliver supply together to Buyer’s refinery.

8. Refinery melts and analyzes commodity and issues final assay report on quality and quantity.

9. Seller issues invoice based on final assay report (quantity multiplied by pre-arranged unit price)

10. Buyer transfers full purchase price by SWIFT MT103 immediately after final assay report is issued and invoice is received from Seller.

11. Buyer acquires full ownership rights of the gold supply against paid invoice in full amount.

Further Information

  • No CIF delivery is possible without payment guarantee (except for trial shipment).


  • Trial quantity designates a 1-time shipment only, further "trial shipments" are not accepted.


  • Trial quantity is maximum 2 kg.


  • Payment guarantee needs to be issued to EU, UAE or USA banks only. No African bank is involved.


  • Payment guarantee has to be issued in the next shipment's total value only.


  • Escrow account payment provides greater financial security to gold Buyers when it comes to trading with African countries. By using the escrow option, the Seller and the Buyer together pick a reputable escrow firm that both parties accept in any developed country. The Buyer is requested to deposit the next shipment's total value in the designated escrow account, and the funds are released once the final assay report is issued by the Buyer's refinery. Using an escrow account eliminates any trust-related issues and the chance of fraudulent business activities that may occur when trading with unknown foreign companies as the funds remain secure under the control of the Buyer's trusted escrow agent.

Financial Security Notice

Business Investor Ltd.'s present Gold Trade Offer displays a Third Party’s intention to sell the above-mentioned commodity as per the specification and in the quantity and for the price as specified in the terms and conditions stated above. Business Investor Ltd. intermediates in good faith to facilitate the successful execution of this Trade Offer.

All Parties, – including but not limited to the Buyer and the Seller or their representatives of any kind – must perform proper and thorough due diligence check on the other party before engaging in any kind of transaction related to the present Gold Trade Offer, as Business Investor Ltd. cannot take any kind of responsibility or liability for the business conduct or the performance of any third parties.

Interested in Business Investor Ltd.'s Gold Trade Offer? Submit Your Letter of Intent (LOI) to:


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Thank You!

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